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Bold, Persistent, and Goal-Driven


He was profitability driven. His whole world was suggestive of numbers. Everything about him, his gestures, looks, postures cried loudly: “I always maximize the profit!

He set the goals and aggressively pursued them pushing the boundaries and stepping all over others. Hungry for money and extremely emotionally intelligent, he maximized his profits in any market conditions.

We met at a business analytics forum. He was presenting his new start-up strategies when I entered the conference room. Our eyes met, I breathed out my question into a microphone, his response sunk in the final applause, as people were getting impatient in anticipation for the lunch break.

He found me after, sitting on the floor in the hall, staring at the screen of my old laptop. He bent down and put a paper plate with grapes on the keyboard.

 – I am highly educated and successful, sensual and dominant, looking for a nice company with no strings attached. I know how to treat a woman. Are you interested?

I shrugged my shoulders. His conference speech was impressive, he was clearly talented.

The next several months were a disaster. I was fickle and fearful; swamped in debts, bills, and desperate efforts to change my job. He was firm, resolute, and wealthy. He valued his time and money. He knew exactly what he wanted; the quality I loved but was never able to assume.

A year after my constant on and off games, he called asking for a massage. “My neck and back hurt. You will get paid, I know you are in dire straits, and I feel for you, may I stop by?”

 – You surely can, but it won’t get any further than a massage.

 – Than I won’t come over.

 – Really? – Suddenly, I got extremely upset. After a year of considering whether to give him a chance or not, I finally made the decision to allow him into my household. But he did not seem to be happy at all. He still wanted an ongoing a twice-a-week fun and no compromises.

 – I’ve been wasting my time with you for a while, if you want me to disappear, just say it.

 – Bye, dear.

I found myself admiring his goal-driven personality, rock-solid focus, and merciless persistence. Every time I failed my new business project, lost in investments, or denied a job, I contacted him hoping for support, advice, and some cash.

His response was always practically cold, and never changing. – Be my woman hon, twice a week in your apartment; and you will get my mentorship, my love, and a decent arrangement. I am not investing my time or money until then.

It made sense, but it never worked out between us.

He is still around, looking for new investment opportunities, exploring new markets, starting, running, and selling. Our paths still cross at conferences, I still blush, blowing into a microphone my questions to him; and I still smile and shake my head when he offers his hotel room for a quickie after the gala dinner.