Birthday, Greg, Threesome Experience

          What do you want for your birthday, luv? – Greg stopped by for lunch. His presence made me happy and hyper as usual.   

          Um… – I was hesitant, – remember your present last year?

          No, not again, – his voice turned into metal, I giggled and dropped my gaze.

Last year I asked him for a threesome. I wanted a girl to feel and share; it got Greg excited, and he introduced me to Monica. She was his new medical secretary; 27 years of age, very small and very skinny, the size of a sitting cat, she almost looked like my twin sister. Velvet skin, firm butt, and the baby-doll look of huge Bambi eyes. She smelled nice even after Chinese buffet where greedy Greg fed her before they came to my place. Her long hair felt awesome on my skin. Although a bit numb and somewhat insincere, she still did not lose the ability to give and receive warmth. I liked her; she seemed to be the right fit.

Watching her with Greg did turn me on. He kept his eyes closed while she was moving up and down on his dick, I knew he was having fun as she was bouncing on him. She was pale and quiet, he was sweaty and expressive. Watching him cum from aside was touching, he was simplistic and transparent, a wild animal, the man of my dreams. Knowing that he was pleasured was very satisfying to me.

A couple of weeks later she got possessive. It was unfortunate I really started falling for her. Her lips were soft, her fingers got me aroused. But her attitudes were changing dramatically with each time we got together.

   –      Every time I try to talk to him, and he does not listen, – she was hopeful I would be sympathetic, but I did not care. – I want to date him, and you are always around, – I shrugged my shoulders.  – I asked him to take me on a cruise and he said NO, is he always that greedy?  She was quickly turning from a Bambi into a barracuda, she wanted to possess his penis and his bank accounts. I knew it would be over soon, Greg was scared of being used and had zero tolerance for gold-digging games.

A month after Greg told me he does not want to see her any longer.

          Why?  – her body was sweet, her breath was fresh, her mind was kinda messed up since she thought she would change Greg, but it was her problem.

          She called my wife and told her something. Emy is mad. Now, I have to deal with it, I am disappointed. If she ever calls me, my lawyer will help me file an injunction. You gotta stop talking to her, Vixen.

          I won’t, – our threesome experience ended up as a failure. I knew he cared about his perfect married-man-with-two-kids reputation.  

          So what present do you want for your birthday? – Greg was getting impatient. His lunch break was almost over, he was getting ready to return to the hospital.

          Emerald bracelet

          You’ll have it.

He fired Monica after she tried to make a mess with his family life. I felt sorry for her. She was  naïve, she failed to understand that guys like Greg are awesome in bed and tough in life. They are fun to f*ck but changing them is impossible.