Sugarbaby, Mike, Greg, Heather


          You should find a sugar daddy, you need someone to take care of you.
That night Heather’s voice sounded very persuasive over the phone; I was feeling like “she makes sense, I have the bills to pay, Greg does not help with child support, and blah, blah, blah”, well, I decided to try.
Mike was aesthete; well-mannered, well-educated, well-spoken; successful banking career and maniacal search for a submissive partner. He was a Dom, total control got him rock hard; I was into dom/sub role playing too, I was curious, I allowed him to take me on a date.
He was intelligent and boring, I had a good appetite.
          Want to hang out at my place?
          I gotta go, – he offered a good arrangement, I promised to think and let him know later.
The amount was transferred to my account shortly, I blocked his phone, withdrew the cash and hurried to the nearest store to buy a new toilet. He called me from a different number while I was choosing between effective flushing and water saving.   
          Why did you block my number?
          I do not know Mike,
“Get as much as you can, give as little as possible”; the sugar baby rule was simple to voice and hard to realize; Mike was everything but not an idiot. He knew what he wanted. It was a quiet tug of war, he was horny as hell, I was as a slippery as an eel.
          Vixen, you are full of surprises, can we meet again?
          Maybe, – I knew I would not fuck him, I knew it would be over soon, I just hoped I would replace the old leaking plumbing in my apartment prior he figures me out.
Our sugar story ended sooner that I thought. He took me shopping. He loved putting money into designer clothing. I felt bored. I got handbags and jackets, I was ready to check out thinking about a valid reason not to join him for dinner when my phone rang, it was Greg. The mood jumped from 0 to 100, although my “Mike, will you excuse me for a minute” sounded calm and casual. I hid myself in a fitting room, excited to hear Greg’s voice, sitting on boxes of shoes and accessories.
          Where are you?
          I miss you, you make me hard
          I am busy, bye
The happiness felt dizzy, my sugar life ended as quickly as it started. I quietly returned Mike his credit card and left the store. Greg could be home at any time, I missed him, it felt like I had not seen him for ages.
          How can you be so dumb, Mike could make your life so much better, did you get at least anything? – Heather was very disappointed, I shrugged my shoulders. The sugar lifestyle got me a new made-in-Japan toilet, Heather thought I was crazy, I thought it was funny.
Greg stopped by later, angry, obsessed, and totally insane in his introversion, greediness, and surgical geniusness. He craved sex, I craved his dick. We were on the same page. Mike was in the past, I did not care, I was happy Greg was here, that night I started believing in miracles.

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