Addiction to intimacy. Co-dependence.


–          You will never be able to get me off your mind, Vixen. I reached down deep inside you and stamped myself there, you belong to me
–          Sounds scary, Jim, sounds like witchcraft
–          It is not witchcraft, it is love, stupid.
–          Whatever
–          You will be back, you will f*ck me again, I know
–          You are way too confident
–          You want me, and you need me, stop spinning in circles and admit it, then make love to me like you should be doing
–          May I decide for myself what I want?
–          You want me
–          Get out, – I was laughing and crying at the same time. I knew I won’t come back, but waking up every morning I felt the connection was there, the tight link I was unable to break. Every morning started with the painful I gotta find another excuse for not seeing him; he used me as a cum dumpster hiding it behind the fake I love you Vixen, be mine, and I will make your life so much better     
–          When shall I see you again?
–          I do not know, Jim, – I could not firmly say Never, I wanted and hated him being burning hot and freezing cold at the same time.
When Heather asked me if he was at least a good lover, I certainly shook my head no, – He only thinks about himself
–          But you love him
–          I hate myself for it, he must be a warlock, he must be doing witchcraft on me
–          You need help my dear, – she leaned forward to give me a hug, I shrank back. Greg paid her, she was with him, she knew I loved him, she knew I was in pain, but she kept acting like my best friend, this was f*cking unbelievable.
–          You are psychotic, anorexic, and slutty, – Jim was furious, I did not care
–          Let’s end this than
–          I do not know Vixen, for a very smart man I am, I guess when it comes to you I am just stupid
I had nothing to say, I dumped him three long months ago, but every morning started with his routine “How are you” texting, and I kept responding “I am fine, I miss you”over and over again

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