Heather, Escort Girl

My Heather. Nordic appearance, pale skin, green eyes, and high cheekbones. Elite escort girl, tall, perfectly toned, blonde, and expensive.  She has two great qualities that make her stand out in the love-for-money-world. She keeps her mouth shut and has a sparklingly beached smile. She is extremely popular among busy guys, since she knows the value of being quiet. She always keeps own opinion to herself.
Committed to exercising, she always has the six-pack abs and the well-defined round Brazilian butt. I have a ton of respect for girls like her who can tolerate pain and boredom associated with routine muscles building. I do not see her much recently since her new boyfriend is opening a bunch of new offices in Tokyo, and she is with him out of the country almost all the time.
Last time we met was right before Christmas, she returned to the US for a couple of days to run errands and meet a couple of very wealthy clients.  – I can introduce them to you if we like, Vixen, – she was rational and direct. I was struggling financially, and she sincerely wanted to help
–          No thank you, this is not what I am looking for. 
–          You need someone who will resolve your problems, – Heather persistently tried to hook me up with someone financially capable of moving me into a gated community with golf fields and water fountains.
–          How can someone resolve my problems? If he did not create them, he can’t do much about them.
–          Well, – Heather set her espresso aside and looked at me shrewdly, – you do not seem to take care of yourself very well. You create problems that follow you.
–          The mind creates problems, the only thing that we can do is to tame it, I do not need a man in my bed for it.
–          Yeah, Greg told me you have those ideas that we do not exist, and the mind generates our personalities; sounds like you need to rest more or change your job. You are getting crazy
–          Heather, – I was stumbling over her cold down-to-earth rationality. I knew she cared, I loved her for it, but it was impossible to get through her personality and have her understand. The world of Botox injections, beauty salons, and Jimmy Choo shoes was way too far from what I was trying to say, – I am glad Greg told you about our conversation. At least he did not forget
–          And he also told me how you kicked him out of the hotel room at 2 am.
–          We argued, he got pissed
–          He said you were naked and had your both hands on his cock, you had him go down on you, and then you froze and asked him to leave
–          Yep, I just turned off and wanted to go to sleep
–          Good girl, I am proud of you, – Heather’s hearty laughter brightened my day. – You sure you do not want me to introduce you to Rick? He is a psychiatrist, very established, Greg and his Emy say you will make a good couple.   
–          Fuck Greg, fuck Emy, I will deal with my problems by myself
–          No you won’t,  – she stopped laughing, glanced around, and lowered her voice. I felt the smell of Chanelle perfume, as she leaned over the table – You are desperate, Vixen. You are in the dead-end relationships with the shithead who fucks you when he is bored with his wife. You distanced yourself from Jim, you are getting estranged from me. You do not let us love you. I will help though.
–          Sounds like helping me is making you feel better about yourself, friend, – I was deeply touched. I wanted to give her a hug and fall into tears.
–          I will make sure Rick will get in touch with you soon, – she was in a hurry, her taxi was waiting to take her to the airport; she was returning to Tokyo. I was staying here with my present and past demons. She sincerely thought she would resolve my issues. I knew she was wrong, but I was happy that she cared.     

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