Female Magnet, Perfect Lover

Our relationship was weird. James was the live copy of incubus, yes, yes, the mythological creature that takes advantage of half-asleep half-awake women.

          You remind me of Fuseli’s demon in “Nightmare”, – I just came back to Florida and was proudly sharing my impressions from the Detroit Institute of Arts. The comparison did not offend him, quite the opposite, he seemed to be flattered.
          Tell me about this…. um… you said, incubus?
          Yep, the lusty little ugly dude, who crawls into women’s bedrooms and has his way with them while they are in sleep paralysis.  
          I like it. Please go on.
          He is old, hairy, ugly-looking, has horns, claws, and oftentimes goat feet. He puts his victim in a trance, so she can’t cry out for help. And of course, he has a big cock.
          Wow, Vixen. I really like it. Is it bigger than Jim’s?
          Shut up, – it was funny, he was funny, it felt surprisingly easy to be myself around him
          Tell me, where is Jim when this incubus comes over?
          Actually, I am speaking about the old myth
          And what about your Greg? Does he put him to sleep as well?
          Please stop it, – hearing his name still caused pain, lots of pain
          Can I be your incubus tonight?
          You will always be my friend.

Strangely enough, I happened to like him, the touch of his short fat fingers was literary hypnotic. I still do not fully understand how I ended up being with him. He certainly did not match any of my criteria. Neither a sugar daddy, nor a young macho; he had no means or desire to put me in a town home with a boat dock and nearby sushi bars. And he was not fit and exotic enough for a girl’s night out; so I could not brag about having the best-looking boyfriend. He had the asset though that made him the real magnet for young and high-quality women. Kind personality and perfect cock – great length, a lot of girth, and the knowledge how to use the tool to make me happy; the qualities I would never exchange for a gated community with tennis courts and waterfront restaurants. I could break into tears and laughter, lick guacamole off my fingers, watch stupid reality shows, or draw elves and dragons. He was never judgmental, and he knew how to fuck. And he was selfless, lovingly selfless and generously giving. No wonder why women fall for him.

          I am lonely, so lonely, honey. I will end up dying by myself or paying sugar babies for a blowjob.
          Bullshit. You have more women than anyone else in this damn hospital
          Am I your incubus?
          First, you may google more about who he is

The thought of being in relations with him scared me. I knew he had feelings for me, I knew, with time, I will destroy him. I will step over and proceed to someone established enough to take care of my bills and to comply with my mom’s ideal son-in-law standards. I did not want to cause him pain and break his heart. He was the most selfless person I ever met. I cared, I truly cared.

          We gotta break up
          Or we can take one day at a time, it is all up to you, – the other reason for me to fall for him. He gave me freedom. He never claimed myself as the property, which was unusually sexy. He called himself kinky, but he was normal. Wonderfully normal. I knew it would not work between us, but I decided to follow his advice and take one day at a time.

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