My friend Victor is a swinger. He is awesome, simply awesome. Vegan, pagan, kinky and freaky to a fault. I am in tears of laughter every time I hear his “hello baby, did you miss your daddy?” over the phone.  
            How are you doing, Victor?
          Thinking about you
          Aren’t you working today?
          I am out of work, want to cum so badly now, stroking my cock, baby, talk to me
          Where is your girlfriend?
          We broke up
          Again? Why?
          She does not ever cook for me or even buy food for me, or do nice things to me, and is argumentative
          Hold on, – I had to leave the conference room and lock myself in the office restroom. I had to hide from the curious glances of my colleagues in order to focus on his never-ending breakup soap operas. His girlfriends do not last longer than three months. Each love story has the same scenario with the very predictable end: they all get tired of his high libido, side chicks, and regular fun in swingers clubs. He gets tired of not getting the attention and care he constantly craves. Every time he shows up in my life, I know, another woman is gone, and he badly needs to love on someone until he finds a new three-to-four months love of his life.  – You are extremely hot, it must be hard for a woman to be with you.
          Baby, it has to be a woman like you, who loves me and my cock and wants to be dominated
 My dear, you will be fine, I promise, – there was something very warm and sweet about his neediness. He was naïve and open like a child, this was exactly what I loved about him. His transparency was fantastic.
He was the one who opened to me the doors into the world of swinging and showed life without chains of possessiveness. He taught me how to live outside the societally appropriate sex-monopoly, jealousy, scandals, and hatred, frequently followed by the pain of abuse and domestic violence. I learned to stop feeling guilty about falling for more than one person. I learned to drop the fetters of control and let those I love be happy with or without myself in their lives. I stopped clenching my fists trying to grip others like possessions. I started living with the open palms, the open eyes, and the open mind. I accepted my love for Greg and stopped torturing myself due to the inability to change his marital status.
           I want you to tell me you love me, – Victor’s voice was calming. Happy guy, he was done for the day, while I was stuck between stupid meetings and useless paperwork.
          I love you Victor, – I bet he could feel me smiling over the phone.
          I would love to watch you get fucked by another guy while you kissed me … that’s very hot
          Bye love, I gotta go
          We could have a girl suck my cock and swallow me while you kiss me and tell me you love me
          Bye love
He was crazy and never boring. He was a lot of fun and very easy. I felt carefree and mellow around him, I loved myself around him, he was not normal, and that was attractive, very attractive.