Being Average

Tim keeps bugging me. It is certainly a huge turn-on when guys do not understand No and keep pushing for YES until they get what they want, but the situation becomes really annoying. He is young, educated, accomplished, and aggressive. No drama, no alcohol, no drugs, a fairly descent lawyer with the Nordic appearance and the smell of a menthol gum.  But he does not seem to deal well with being rejected. 

          You are a worthless slut, I have no respect for you, – he was almost yelling over the phone
          Stop calling me than, – after breaking up with Greg I promised to myself not to let people get to me
          But I want to fuck
          There are thousands of others, I am not the only pussy here, – I was curious how long it will take before he gives up. Surprisingly, I did not feel offended or angry, just surprised why such a young and handsome zombie is so desperate in his attempts to find someone for a one night stand
          I like you, you are thin and foreign
          There are plenty of thin and foreign girls around, much younger and much more attractive, please leave me alone, – It was getting old. Tim was right though, I liked him, otherwise I would have stopped this charade long ago and blocked his phone number
          When can I see you again?
          I am busy
          When can I see you again?
          Leave me alone
          I like you, we just won’t have a relationship beyond sexual pleasure, only orgasm for me and you
          No means no, – I liked his persistence, the rare quality to see in the boredom of gender equality, political correctness, and anti-harassment propaganda.
          Ok bye,  he hung up on me. 

A minute later he was calling again.
          Just so you know,  – there was ice-cold calmness in his voice, – I have lost interest in you. You are an average looking slut with above average pain in the ass personality.
          Great, just forget my number
          If you want a man, you need to be less of a pain

Now it was my turn to take a deep breath and hang up. 

Tim was right, I am a very pedestrian girl with very pedestrian expectations. Some expectations can be met, some remain unattainable fantasies, since Greg will never change, and his random appearance in my life will always result in feeling bitter and wasted. But in general, being average feels really good. Like every average looking creature, I love average serenity. I love feeling averagely happy, and I deserve the average happiness. A-VE-RA-GE sounds like my favorite statistics, there is no statistically significant difference between myself and million other girls, averagely manipulative, averagely worldly, averagely lazy, averagely promiscuous, averagely tearful, and averagely wrong about feeling that their pussies are made of gold, and every person on this planet must treat them as the queen. 

Tim is uniquely crazy, and his craziness prevents him from realizing that it does not make sense to get obsessive over Vixen since there are many others that have the qualities that he needs. His unique craziness results in his fury, desperation, and aggressive hysteria. Average balance is much much better than outstanding sufferings. 

That night I fell asleep with a big smile on my face.