Greg’s Friend and Lice

James was around me all the time after Greg disappeared. I hated it. I felt like a moving trophy and the feeling was horrible. They worked together, they played together, they seemed to share the same women, and the thought of it made me dizzy. His “you will forget Greg with me” literary made me sick.  I kept stopping by for fruit and guacamole, and he kept relaxing me through massage and promises that if we get closer, I will be in heaven. Well, he had the touch of an angel, but I was not willing to move further than friendship and dinners from plastic containers.
        – He is an ass, hun, but I can make you happy. If we are a couple, you will orgasm daily   
           – Sounds like a plan to me, – this was my usual response that I threw into the screen of my laptop, as he was trying to cuddle.  We can be friends, my dear.
           – But I need more than that. If we click, I promise you will be my only woman
           – I do not need such sacrifices – James had 5 sugar babies that literary got him wasted. He was selfless, and they felt it, I felt it. He was kept in the friend-zone and sponged for money all the time, and he kept giving and giving to the point of taking mood stabilizers and sobbing in the office of his therapist. 
Unlike Greg, he was open, neither introverted, nor tough. I wonder how two of them made friends, they were very different.
           – Get me out of the friend-zone when you are ready. I need a girlfriend.
He was like an older brother to me, no desire, no chemistry, nothing.
I called him the other day when my son brought lice from daycare. I asked him to check my hair. He eagerly jumped into the shower with me, gently rubbing permethrin lotion into my scalp and hugging me from behind.
              – I am enjoying all of it, it is so nice
           – Yeah, what can be more romantic than removing nits from thick hair with a tiny comb , thanks for not freaking out, – the situation was funny, he kept holding onto me, I kept laughing. 
           – Honey, I am a medical doctor, lice do not freak me out.
           – Good, just make sure no eggs are left, I do not want to comb them out again, it is way too time consuming
           – Will you come over tonight? I will prepare guacamole, give you a massage and go down on you
           – I gotta disinfect my clothes, my furniture, my vehicle, I gotta clean everything – it was a relief to find a nice excuse and keep the distance, – do not forget, we are friends
           – We can be dating friends, friends who satisfy each other needs, I am all about making women happy
           – You made me happy by taking care of my lice,  I was laughing myself to tears, he made my day, 
      Greg was in the past, I was not ready to change my freedom for his middle aged friend with a bunch of kinky inclinations.
           – I will be dreaming about you tonight.
           – Thank you dear, I will let you know if my head keeps itching, – I saw him out and sighed with relief when his Tesla took off.
No lice, no Greg. I was ready to prepare dinner and pick up my kid from daycare. My freedom is precious, and I was glad I had it again.

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