My escort girl and my Greg

Tim called last night, horny, aggressive, hungry. He wanted to come over, I wanted to sleep.
–          My heart is broken, leave me alone
–          Baby, you will feel much better when I drain my balls into you
–          Stop it, – I was tired to the point of being unable to lash out and fake offendedness
–          Ok, I will find a good pussy tonight and think of you while fucking her
–          This sounds good, have fun, – I hung up and called Heather, she has been in escort for years, the only girlfriend I could talk to without choosing appropriate words and using societally acceptable language.
–          Did you sleep with Greg?
–          Which one? – I loved her manner of speaking, professional, money-oriented, and direct
–          Head and neck oncologic surgery
–          You mean your Greg?
–          Well, – I suddenly felt a lump in my throat, hard to breathe, hard to swallow,  – Lucas’s dad, – I wish I could break into tears, but I could not, I needed water, lots of water, gallons of water to wash him out of my body and mind
–          No Vixen, I never had sex with him, he is cheap
–          Really?
–          Listen,  – I heard anger in her voice, – he is very greedy. I charge 2k hourly, he would rather use you for free than pay me for services
–          This sounds disgusting, – the lump was no longer there, I could breathe better
–          Yes, vixen, it is disgusting. He uses you as a free sperm dumpster, and you allow him to do it over and over again, he does not even pay child support. He is an ass, please stop torturing yourself, you deserve more than that
–          Would you ever consider being with him? He is the most wonderful person on this planet…
–          He does not pay, he offered one of our girls the max of $300 for a blowjob, seriously? He is greedy, cheap, disrespectful, he is a jerk, Vixen, he uses you and his wife for nothing and expects everything in return
I suddenly felt as light as a feather, the burden was off the shoulders, I bet Heather could feel my smile over the phone.
–          I love you friend, we need to get together sometime, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
–          I love you too, I will be in Japan next week with my Wednesday CEO, but you gotta promise me something by the time I come back
–          What?
–          You will take care of yourself, you will stop thinking about him, you will go out and eat a nice dinner
–          Heather… – the exhaustion of the day was gone, I felt refreshed and ready for a walk, – have fun and please stay connected.
–          Promise me Vixen, you will get him off your mind.
I could not promise that, Greg has a weird effect on me, every time he comes back I melt like vanilla ice-cream in the sun. I can promise nothing, I can promise nothing, I can promise nothing

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