Me being Honest, my Carla

          You gotta be honest with yourself. Being entirely open with others is no good, – I put the emphasis on “others” as I was looking into Carla’s wide open eyes. I wanted her to see my point and drop her feminist bullshit about the importance of being transparent in relations.
          But the real man will love you no matter what, trust starts with the ability to be open about your past, your present, and plans for the future.
          No, they want the truth as long as it matches their expectations. No one wants the reality check; neither you, nor them. Tell the man what he wants to hear and be honest with yourself, – this is the recipe of my life balance.
Carla never got me. She thought my worldviews are crazy, and I should suffer remorse due to not telling my partner who fucked me in the past.
First, no one fucks me, I fuck. Second, I know everything about myself, and I put up with my imperfections, weaknesses and demons, that’s enough. Allowing anyone else into my world makes no sense. People do not accept the reality the way it is. Being honest will kill Greg’s love and Jim’s passion, and who, after all, would help me pay my bills? I am just a single mom; losing such privileges as country club membership, fine dining routines, first class flights to South America, and shopping in Milan and Paris is not something I am ready to do. Life is way too short not to enjoy it.
What is the truth? The truth is that my dear friend Carla is a very good attorney and a very unhappy woman. She behaves with guys the way she acts in court. Normal males run away, leaving her surrounded by pussy-like creatures who may care about her feelings but do not fuck her the way she wants. After all, her honesty weakens their erection and kills natural animal instincts. Carla teaches me how to live once a week. I listen to her attentively while chewing raw chocolate closing my eyes with joy. Then I come home and proceed with my life being entirely open, transparent, and totally honest with only one person – with myself.

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