Dessert at Jim’s, my man and his wife

The dessert time was easy, bubbly, and fun for me, I felt Greg’s cum between my legs, I sensed his gaze on my skin, polishing my enchantment with chocolate cheesecake and strawberries.
Everyone was talking. Emy loved the dessert and asked for the recipe. Jim pointed his finger at me:
          Ask Vixen, she was very busy fixing this.
          It is very tasty. What do you use instead of dairy?
I gladly shared the ingredients and offered to email her the recipe. Jim asked me to play something and I eagerly got up and went to the piano.
          Are you ok that we are using you as an entertainment today?  There was irony in Emy’s voice. I shook my head and smiled to her fatigue, which she thoroughly hid behind Chanel and bleached teeth    
          Greg, do you think I am being an entertainment today? – I was almost laughing
          No – flat face, no emotion – unbelievable.  He is a pit-bull, a real pit-bull
Mozart, D-moll fantazia, playing  to myself and for myself, knowing that none of them really cares. Jim on the phone, Greg in his psychopathy, Emy faking confidence.  I finished playing and stood up ready to leave.
          We would like to invite you to dinner next week, my dear – Emy was really stupid. Her husband just fucked me, I still had his smell, and she did not get it. She was so stupidly blind in her ways of demonstrating condescending generosity towards the go-go girl in the cheap dress with no manners…
          Yes, come over next weekend, – Greg’s voice was calm and indifferent as usually
          Very sweet of both of you, thank you, – Of course I was not planning to come to satisfy the wife’s ego and the husband’s hunger.
 I will be doing horseback riding, no Greg, no Jim, no Emy, no fakeness, the lunch is over, period.