Last night, little bit about hatred

Evening, relaxation, time to dumbly stare into the laptop screen doing nothing.
Jim sent to me his housekeeper again, therefore I did not have to do a thing last night. I just watched her from time to time to ensure that nothing would disappear after her leave.
She hated me, this elderly Haitian lady. But her hate was quiet and polite. That time I could not resist the curiosity, averted my eyes from the screen, and looked up at her.
 –          Why do you hate me, Rosaline?
She froze for a second, glanced at me angrily, and proceeded cleaning the kitchen counters.  I thought she did not understand and dived into the laptop again, when I heard her dry and angry voice.
          My daughter is a teacher, but she has to take side jobs to entertain lazy spoiled bitches like you. You have no ambition, no principles, no morals.    
Wow! It was the first time I looked at her with some interest. At least she did not hide her opinion behind fake smile and servility.
          Are you done?
          Will you come back next week?
Of course, she will. Her hourly income was higher than mine. Unlike Greg, Jim took care of his personnel. My interest and emerging respect vanished as soon as she consented to continue cleaning the apartment of the girl she detested. She was ready to suppress her principles of intra-class hatred for an hourly pay. People do it all the time, not a big deal, slightly disgusting, but I did not create this world. One of the reasons why I prefer animals to humans. The former make much more sense. They are quiet, and focused. They eat, shit, mate, and do not dramatize.  
I closed the door behind her, called Jim, and asked never send her again. Too much negativity, aversion, and hysteria for my blond mind.
I needed positive energy that night, and I missed my Greg.