Loving myself

I love being as light as a feather both physically and spiritually.
The only thing that really matters to me is my physical and emotional health. None of societal games are nearly as important as my wellbeing and mental stability.
I like light and pleasant people
I enjoy being with those who communicate with this universe through their skin, their touch, their openness. Greg is like this, he literary feels the reality through his body, and due to it, I close my eyes to his meat-eating habits and surgery performing  
I love those who smell like fruit and berries, spend their free time in a local gym, and look defined and healthy
I dislike heavy stuff, too much thinking and ongoing mind farting are neither cool, nor sexy
I prefer white teeth, six pack abs, and vegan diet to dull and serious commitments to the loud goals of making this world drug-free, hunger-free, drama-free, and other bullshit. Those who are incapable of taking care of their own health and financial situation particularly love saving this planet. It feeds their ego and helps them hide personal unfulfillment behind cheesy non-for-profit talks, burned coffee, and greasy pizza
My life principle is simple – there are no steady principles. I create my own rules, and I can change them at any time. What is fine with me today, may be entirely unfit tomorrow, therefore, I just flow through the life and do not fix myself in any particular beliefs
I do not trust my mind. I only follow what my body says since it never lies. The mind is full of societal crap: “can’t do it, not worthy of that, it will surely be this way, it will always result in that, and blah-blah-blah”. The body is truthful, the body does not care about ambitions, competitions, achievements and other shit. The body will be straightforward and show you through fatigue and illness what exactly you need what not. I listen to it, I love it, I enjoy it. My body is my good friend
I enjoy Greg and dark raw chocolate. They are both yummy. But I am not addictive to any of them. Addition is bad for health, and I like staying healthy
I do not believe in comfort and joy 24 hours a day. If you look for endless pain-free existence, check yourself into a psychiatric facility with padded walls and floors and ongoing medication intake. Real life is much more thrilling than being happy and trauma-free all the time
And I love myself, my petite lovely self, I am my own best friend regardless of my decisions and mistakes. And my self-love is unconditional.   

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