I have no idea why Greg is jealous. How do I explain my Jewish guy that the last thing a girl wants in this life is someone’s cock in her tiny depilated pussy. How can I make him grasp that beauty salons, luxury massage, fitness, quality scrubs and creams, and soft silk linen are much more preferable for us than a sweaty and hairy someone who reeks of a medium-rare steak and social drinking. Yikes.    
The scope of girl’s interests lies beyond guys’ porno fantasies. But Greg does not believe me and continues throwing accusations that I sleep around.
Greg can’t stand people. He smells their shit and cancer at work and brings to me the stress of dealing with stupidity. I do not blame him. I would not be able to cut people’s bodies and clean their filth. Greg hates it too, he literary can tell how stinky his patients’ thoughts are by their smell. He keeps telling me that the body is the reflection of the soul, and he is stuck saving the body damaged by the ugly mind.
And Greg seriously thinks that I am cheating on him with one of those who are unwilling to relinquish anger and resentment, constipate, and stink hiding their foul smells behind perfume, money, and life experience. LOL
Being pathologically greedy, Greg does not understand that some guys are capable of giving since they like to see me smiling. I love presents, I receive them with sincere happiness, and they love making me happy.
Mike’s BMW was the financial relief, I sold it and finally had the leaking roof fixed and changed old tiling in the bathroom. The fact that I know how to provide for myself without wasting my health at work does not necessarily mean I cheat.
But Greg does not understand. He left the bruises on my throat that night, crushed my furniture, and disappeared. Like a spoiled little kid, he gets furious when his toys are taken away. He is very possessive. And this is something I love, his power to say yes to my no, his excessive control over my life, and his strength. He is much stronger, and I can’t resist. Awesome feeling.
My morning has started with his come-back rudeness “I want to pin your down and pump you full of my cum. Can we meet today?”   
I texted my usual “No” and smiled.
How can I possibly cheat on such a rare animal!   

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