Things that I love

I love nursery, breathing in the smell of roses and lilies  
I love work outs and watch my little defined body in the mirror every morning
I love staying in bed with my laptop doing nothing, just chilling
I love attractive people, the whole world belongs to them, and I am glad it is so not visa versa
I love going through my undies choosing the one to wear
I love the touch of silk on my skin, wearing a silk dress is the best way to relax
I love silence, what can be better than listening to it. This is exactly the reason why I get tired of Greg. He is impulsive, egotistic, and loud. Once day I will be with the man I will feel comfortable to be quiet with. A silent guy, he would stop by, bring me presents, have sex, and leave – no show, no drama – what can be nicer?
I love when Emy brings me coconuts. For an unknown reason, she considers me her girlfriend and always pleases me with something yummy. First I felt awkward, she is the wife of my man, not that I care much, but the whole situation is funny – the spouse and the mistress have coconut milk together, go boating, and share concerns about weather forecasts. But then my uneasiness was gone. She will never know about me and Greg, why not give her the kind of attention she begs for. Obviously, Greg does not give her much otherwise she would not complain to me about being lonely, misunderstood, and useless all the time.
I love sleeping with my window open and the AC off.
I love incense sticks on the bedside table
I love raw oysters with lemon and the ocean
I love sailing through sunsets, Greg makes fun of my boating skills, but I do not care really
I love cats, very independent, and self-loving
I love fish, they eat, poop, mate, and are quiet all the time, people should learn from them how to live
I love myself, my little body, my pedicure, my inability to get things done, my fears, my desires, my frustrations, my tears, my laughter…