A little bit about myself

My name is Vixen, and I love myself
I enjoy my 85-pound body and a teenage appearance.
I love boy pushups and working my abs.   
I am a white 5.1-feet-tall fragile sex-appeal, and it is fun to be this way.
Some people say I am an ideal dream for pedophiles. In fact, I like older guys as long as they are very high functioning, focused, and reasonable.   
I am very light and easy going. I am drama-free and have the talent to feel happy daily.
I know how to make friends with myself. And I am my own best friend, the one who never creates redundant problems, causes panic, hurts feelings, and becomes hysterical for no reason.
I am very disciplined and punctual.
I know when to be quiet, and when to speak. Actually, I prefer listening, or I pretend that I listen.
I am a great daughter and an awesome mom.
I am fallible like everyone else on this planet. My main weakness is Greg, and I am fine with it. I am neither obsessive nor cold. I enjoy being affectionate with him. In fact, he makes my heart beat faster, but other things in this life are thrilling to me as well.
I relate with this world through the language of touch; this is the main reason why I allowed Greg into my reality. Despite his continuous meat eating habits, career in surgery, and social drinking, he is still sensuous, erects regularly, loves women, and interacts with the universe primarily through his skin. In sum, he is alive, simplistic, and real, which are very rare qualities that people normally do not possess.
I love guacamole, apple sauce, buckwheat, and tofu.
I love power and strength in everything – health, body, mind, etc. Strong and powerful people are very attractive, there is nothing wrong about it.
I do not have dreams, since I live at present. I cherish the only thing that I actually have – today – and I make sure that my today is awesome.

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