Greg and Mike


I met two guys Greg and Mike at almost the same time and had to maneuver between both not knowing exactly what I was expecting from the dates.  

Greg was a surgeon, impulsive and angry with people in general and with the hospital staff in particular.
Mike was a senior executive, always swamped with forecasting, expense control, and under-performing team.

Greg was blunt and rude. He could call me at 3 am yelling and screaming that he wanted sex and demanding that I should be at his home immediately.
-This is the time babe I just need to f*ck someone and have them want me. You are torturing me, my cock and heart are both yours to have. I want you here and now.
Mike was calm and evasive. He never raised his voice and skillfully hid his non-vanilla sexual behaviors behind refined manners and a bleached smile.

Greg was six feet tall, slightly overweight, and loud. He grilled steaks over the weekend and smelled like flesh of dead animals.
Mike was of average height, athletic, and vegetarian; all about fine dining, organic food, and piano background. He smelled like mint and strawberries.

Greg only cared about himself. His interest did not get deeper than:
          Babe, oral sex?
Mike always asked questions making me feel one of his applicants in a job interview: background, master thesis, career goals… 
          What is it that you can offer a man, my dear?

Greg could show up at 6 am at my door demanding to fix him a breakfast sandwich.
Mike was respectful of my privacy, he never bothered me with unexpected visits.

Greg was greedy, never paid my bill at restaurants. He was very skillful at taking, using, and throwing away things and people.
Mike always took care of my expenses, offered decent allowances, and made me feel safe every time we went out.

Letting Greg into my life was an emotional roller coaster. He pushed my buttons, making me feel guilty, and ashamed of things I never did. He could promise me the whole world and disappear the next day for weeks leaving me in tears and emotionally destroyed. He always came back craving for my attention, and my mood immediately jumped from 0 to 100.
          Talk to me, babe. You are a stress reliever, so soothing    
Mike was focused, and predictable. Being into BDCM, he kept patiently looking for the appropriate masochist partner in a drama-free manner.

I ended up dumping both of them. 

Greg left me heart-broken.
Mike left me with his white BMW, which I immediately sold, thus closing the door into the world of boredom, lies, and kinky games. 

Every time Mike texts me, I delete his messages without reading.
When I hear Greg’s clinic ad on the radio, I smile prior turning it off.  

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