Life in the Moment

  What a wonderful thing it is to live in the moment. Every time I see my Mister Wonderful, I feel like my little poodle; the doggie wags his tail, jumping with joy, and trying to hug me with his paws. I have neither a tail nor paws, I just wrap my legs arms around him and rub my nose against his cheek. He smells like apples and oranges, sometimes like pineapples, yummy.
My miniature poodle loses his focus every time I am gone. He has other things to do: to play, to chew his bone, to make a mess around the house, to chase squirrels, and bunnies. Same with myself, once my Mister Wonderful leaves, I have sunsets, chocolate, roses, friends, and books on my mind. I dive into other experiences and add other colors into my life, which are as bright and expressive as my experience with Mister Wonderful. I adore him when I see him. And I enjoy other aspects of my life when he is gone.
I cannot be upset with my dog when his attention is captured by a racoon or a steak. I do not expect my Mister Wonderful to be upset with me for not keeping him on my mind 24 hours a day. Yes, I am capable of letting the past delightful moments go as soon as he is out of sight.
I do not live in anticipation for his visits. I take the most from him when he is nearby, spiritually, emotionally, physically and I give a lot in return. But I have no plans or desires for the future. I build the present, without looking into something that is not there yet.
I make love with the present, as passionately as I do with my Mister Wonderful. I keep expanding my present adding new colors to it. My life is a kaleidoscope of present experiences, where my Mister Wonderful is just one of many.
When it comes to my life, I do not prioritize. I just allow myself to live at present.  It is fun, it is worth while doing.

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